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Most popular channels used in Forex

The amount of methods used in forex trading is humongous and the trader should use also the popular ones since it can save his or her time, energy and capital. Although these methods are commonly known, anyone can develop them and create a full trading strategy. Availability of advanced tools on the trading platforms makes […]


Following the trends – channels

A different way and an extremely popular way of forex trading is to observe and watch channels and various price formations, for example, when the currency pair price escapes the earlier set channel. The buy signal is received, when the exchange rate reaches the appropriate maximum over the timespan of a previously set number of […]


Following the trend – common knowledge or the lemming with the locket?

This is the first and most basic strategy in forex trading. It assumes that the best way to earn money is to agree with the market. The trader decides to open or close a position when a given currency pair becomes a subject to certain trend. There are many to methods to support his or […]